What is StepUp?

StepUp lets you watch YouTube videos into bite-sized steps so that you can

  1. Add your favorite part of the video
  2. Loop the part that matters to you
  3. Create your own micro video lists

The following is the demo of our product at Don't Pitch Me Bro!

What do you use StepUp for?


You might have your killer video clip but how do you know which part of the video the viewers like most? Google Analytics only shows at what point people drop out. With StepUp, viewers can jump across steps and “Like” their favourites so you get more insight about your viewers. You can also link to the most shocking moment of your videos to drive more traffic. Here are examples of the videos added to StepUp.

Viral News

Why not cherry pick the funniest part of videos? StepUp doesn’t meddle with the original video on YouTube, so you have no fears of upsetting the original content owner.

Online learning

StepUp is a great companion tool for the classroom or at home. As a teacher, you do not want to waste time browsing for videos you want to show to your students. With StepUp, you can cut videos down to their most relevant parts and create a list of videos you want to use.

As a learner, You can loop part of the videos until you master it. You can even watch the clips at your own pace by enabling the slow down or fast forward option.


Animated GIF tools are perhaps a better comparison but StepUp aims to be a much broader platform than the GIF’s one trick pony.

Who made StepUp?

Benkyo Player LTD

A small startup based in London, we're passionate about making tools to help improve online learning.

Everyone knows that interactivity aids education, but despite the web being an interactive medium, a lot of the education resources online revolve around the traditional format of video. To solve this problem, we made two different interactive video players for online learning: Benkyo Player, and now StepUp.

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Benkyo Player LTD is funded by Bethanal Green Ventures, the seed accelerator program for social good, and Nominet Trust through their Social Tech, Social Change challenge, in partnership with Founders Forum for Good.

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